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Frank Billie

Frank Billie

The Field Office Building at the Big Cypress Reservation is named for a hard-working tribal member whose life was spent in service to his people, Mister Frank Billie. A long time Seminole Cattleman, Frank Billie was a major cattle owner and worked hard to make the Tribe’s beef cattle production the success it is today, often holding office in the Big Cypress Cattleman’s Cooperative Association.

One of the most significant dates in Seminole history is August 21, 1957, the date the Seminole Tribe of Florida was recognized by the Federal Government and began operations under its own Constitution. Frank Billie was instrumental in making that a reality. However, before his role in helping to form the modern Tribe, he was already hard at work within the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

Realizing the importance of the Tribe having a modern form of government, Frank Billie worked tirelessly as a member of the Constitutional Committee helping to create the legal instruments which would give the Florida Seminole people the legal authority and power to make their own decisions moving forward.

After this monumental task was completed, Frank Billie went on to be elected the first President of the Board of Directors for the Seminole Tribe of Florida. He continued to serve the Tribe on the Board of Directors and later was elected to the Tribal Council as Big Cypress’ Councilman, serving his people for over twenty years.

After a full career in the new Seminole Tribe of Florida’s Tribal government, Frank Billie opened a new chapter in his life when he became an ordained Pastor for the Big Cypress New Testament Baptist Church in December of 1980. A family man, he was also the grandfather of our Big Cypress Librarian, Claudia Doctor, who provided us with this information.

Frank Billie Church Frank Billie was the first President of the Board of Directors for the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Frank Billie has a building named after him on the Big Cypress Reservation.

When the US Federal Government approved a Charter and Constitution for the Tribe in 1957, it marked the official return to Tribal Government and Sovereignty, with the power to govern itself. They established a Tribal Council and Board of Directors, and elected representation from each Reservation.

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